Bee HiveBigg Market



5 Cloth Market, in main area of Bigg Market.

Metro - Central Station
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Telephone 0191 2223131.

Beers: Worthington's, Carling, Stella Artois and Guinness on tap. Woodpecker and Strongbow cider also on offer. A good selection of bottled beers, shooters and cocktails available.

Meals: No food advertised. Drinking bar only.

Special Deals: Monday VK, Beck's & Reef £1.00. 2 for 1 on Reef, Carling & Beck's Tuesday - Thursday & Sunday. Cocktails £2.50 (Pitchers £7.50), Shooters £1.50 or 4 for £5.00. Special offer on Double spirits with mixer £2.99 all night long. Double Vodka & Red Bull £2.95.

Live Sports: none shown here.

Music: Regular music is on play at most times with a DJ on most nights located in an area at the front of the bar featuring Motown music.

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Large old Newcastle pub with an historical interest that has recently been transformed into another typical Bigg Market bar featuing Motown music. The pub is on the site of the Wheatsheaf pub & music room which dates back to 1862. It was previously named after the licensee John Balmbra and has been famous for its music hall for over 100 years. The song "The Blaydon Races" was first performed here by George Ridley.

The old style has been ripped out and replaced with just another weekend drinking bar. It is a shame given its cultural interest and I feel the new look does nothing to keep the memory old Balmbras apart from the futile attempt to retain the name. The new bar has two large bars at the front and rear with limited seating throughout.

The front bar is small with some lounge seating at one side and all the psychedelic lights, flashing screens and fixtures of the eighties. The large rubik cube lights are an indication of what you are about to experience. The DJ is situated at the one end of the bar and there is also several TV's on show. The rear bar is very large and is usually only open at the weekend. Very loud motown music is on play at most times. The bar has a lively atmosphere at weekends but only from about 8pm onwards. On a Friday & Saturday free entry before 10pm.

Disabled access very good to main bar with a special designated disabled toilet to the side of the pub. Toilets are small and clean.

Price: Moderate.