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1-3 Market Lane, off Pilgrim Street.

Metro - Monument
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Monday - Wednesday 8am - 12am, Thursday & Friday 8am - 2am, Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2am.
Telephone: 0191 2617222

Beers:   Drinks menu
Estrella Damm, Almasty Session IPA, Wylam Jakehead IPA, Beavertown Gamma Ray, Tiny Rebel Club Tropicana IPA, Magic Rock Saucery IPA, Lervig House Party Pale, Paulaner Helles, Bavo Wild Life Lager and Schofferhoffer Grapefruit Hofeweisse on tap.
Aspalls Suffolk cider and Aspalls Isabelle's Berries bottled cider also on offer.
A good selection of cocktails, wines, spirits and canned beers available.

Meals:   Breakfast & Brunch menu   Evening Food menu   Make a Reservation

Breakfast menu served from 8am - 3pm with:
The Muckle breakfast £12.00,
The Big Veggie breakfast £12.00,
Porridge £4.00,
Granola Coconut yoghurt £4.00,
Jam on toast or Crumpets £4.00,
Avocado on toast £7.00,
Bacon sandwich £5.00,
Beans on toast £5.00.

Brunch menu served from 10am - 3pm with:
Slow cooked eggs & brocolli £7.00,
Turkish eggs £8.00,
Shloumi £9.00,
Shakshuka £8.00,
Mushrooms on sourdough £7.00,
Hash & fried egg £9.00,
Benedict your way £7.00.

Evening Food menu served from 3pm - 9.30pm with:
Snacks £4.00,
Sides £4.00,
From the Earth £5.00 - £8.00,
From the Sea £9.00 - £11.00,
From the Land £9.00 - £13.00.

Special Deals:
Classic and Signature Cocktails from £7.00 - £8.50.

Live Sports: None shown here.

Music: Regular music on play at most times with a DJ on play in the evening.

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New cafe, bar, restaurant that was formerly Paradiso restaurant".

The bar has been totally transformed and given a stylish look throughout.

There is plenty of tables and chairs for diners with further seating on the outside terrace.

A varied food menu is on offer with a good range of cocktails and draught beers on offer.

Regular music on play with a DJ a regular feature on most nights.

The bar should become a popular attraction in this area when it becomes firmly established.

A covered outside roof terrace area with heating is located to the rear of the bar.

Disabled access may be difficult as bar is accessed up a flight of stairs. Toilets are small and clean.

Price: Moderate.