Bee HiveBigg Market



44 Cloth Market, in main area of Bigg Market.

Metro - Monument
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Daily until late

Beers: Tetley, Carling, Stella Artois, Carlsberg and Guinness on tap. Woodpecker cider also on offer. An excellent selection of cocktails available.

Meals: No food advertised. Drinking bar only.

Special Deals: All day and every day with pints of Carlsberg £1.69, Stella £1.76, Tetley £1.63, Bottles of Bacardi Breezers £1.70. Cocktails are on offer at reduced prices from £2.50 to £2.75 with a full menu available. Gordons gin £1.96, bacardi £1.93, Bells whisky £1.85, Smirnoff Vodka £2.05, Pepsi £0.99p. Bottles of White Mountain wine £5.85.

Live Sports: Live sports shown here including live football matches.

Music: Regular music on play at most times.

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Medium sized pub with a high ceiling and an L shaped wooden bar. The pub has a cosy and intimate lounge seating area at the rear with mainly a large standing area to the front. This area also has high tables for people standing with some stools by the bar. The pub is fully carpeted throughout and there are old Newcastle pictures and adverts on the walls. The huge mirrors opposite the bar are a notable feature of the pub and there is also ball type lighting throughout.

There are two TV's located at either end of the bar and several games machines dotted about. There is an upstairs room which does not appear to be used. A steady group of regulars frequent the bar and there is a lively drinking crowd at weekends, with mainly locals and Bigg Market revellers. At times it is busier than some of the other bars in the Bigg Market, and always appears packed around the bar area. It is a little quieter early on during the week.

Disabled access to the main bar is very good but difficult to the toilets that are upstairs. Toilets are small and clean.

Price: Reasonable.