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Bigg Market
What can you say about the Bigg Market that hasn't already been said before. This bustling city area has put Newcastle on the map as being one of the top party cities of the world.

Although it is quieter on a Tuesday and Wednesday, this is where the young crowd flock to in their thousands every weekend. Even with over 20 bars and pubs in this area you still get queues forming outside some of them as most get packed out very quickly.

The majority are drinking bars only, but there are numerous Indian and Italian restaurants close by that tend to fill up during the night. City Vaults, at the top end of the Bigg Market is one of the most popular pubs in Newcastle with Live football and entertainment shown on match days.

At the bottom end of the Bigg Market one notable pub worth mentioning is Balmbra's which stands on the site of an old music hall. It was here the famous song "Blaydon Races" was first performed. Also just across the road you can find the impressive St Nicholas Cathedral, one of the oldest historic buildings of Newcastle.

Map of Bigg Market Pubs/Bars