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The Jesmond area of Newcastle is fast becoming one of the 'in' places to be seen. It is now attracting large numbers of revellers especially at weekends and has already been compared in some quarters to the Quayside, as a good night time venue.

Most of the bars are located within a hundred yards of each other on Osborne Road which is about 15 - 20 minutes walk from the Haymarket or 5 minutes walk from West Jesmond metro station, where the Lonsdale pub which is also featured in the reviews can be found. There is also a good selection of pubs centred around Jesmond Station and Brandling Village.

The area has a rather continental feel to it, with large canopied seating areas outside most of the hotels, restaurants and bars that are jam packed along either side of Osborne Road, especially on the weekend.

Most of the bars are very modern in appearance and are linked to the hotels. They tend to attract a more upmarket clientele, hotel guests and young crowd and have even been known to attract the odd celebrities and footballers.

One of the oldest pubs in Newcastle - The Punch Bowl, which dates back to the early 1800's is a must visit when in the Sandyford, Jesmond area.

Map of Jesmond Pubs/Bars