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Central Station
Maybe not as widely recognised as some of the other areas in the town, the Central Station has some really smart pubs that are well worth visiting. As you step out of the Central Railway Station there are numerous pubs to choose from to quench your thirst.

One notable pub worth mentioning is the "Bridge Hotel" which is directly opposite the castle. It has a small terraced area outside which affords spectacular views of all the Tyne bridges and the Quayside.

Across the road from the station you can find the historic "Union Rooms" which has been converted into one of the biggest bars in town. Another popular bar is Centurion which is located in the old first class waiting room in the Central Station and has some fine original features.

The area stretches from the Centre for Life at one end to the 'new' Castle Keep (built in 1080) which gave Newcastle its name at the other. Only a few minutes walk from the station you will also find the Metro Radio Arena which attracts all the big names from the music world.

All in all there is something in this area to suit all tastes.

Map of Central Station Pubs/Bars